Student Scientists

The Science-by-Van program visited OES this week.  Thanks to our PTA, the Science Museum of Virginia introduced our 1st and 2nd graders to the following science topics through hands-on experiments:  Electricity and Magnetism, Optics and Mirrors, Structures and Logic Games, Physics Fundamentals, and the Human Body.  Each topic area had several exhibits that allowed the students to experiment, observe, build, predict, and hypothesize. 

The science museum also provided our 3rd graders with a lesson on the Earth, sun, and moon.  Students discovered the reasons for the seasons and why we have night and day. They also learned why the moon remains in orbit around the Earth and how it seems to change shape throughout the month. 

Our 5th graders experienced two workshops.  During the first workshop, “What’s the Matter?” students put on safety goggles and explored states of matter, chemical symbols, atoms, molecules, and the conservation of matter.  They were also introduced to simple, series, and parallel circuits, investigated electromagnets and examined conductors and insulators.  All of the exhibits and workshops were related to the Virginia Standards of Learning.  Everyone enjoyed this great learning experience!  -cg & ke


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