Field Day & OES Teacher of the Year

On Monday, we kicked off the week honoring Mrs. Campbell as Oakton Elementary’s 2010 Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Campbell was nominated by several parents and students for her dedication and commitment to education.  Mrs. Klein, an OES parent, spoke at our staff meeting and presented this wonderful award.  Below is some of what she shared with the staff:

“Teachers probably have one of the most challenging but also rewarding jobs and we, as parents, want to let all of you know that your efforts are truly appreciated.  Many of you on a daily basis go above and beyond your job description as you constantly strive to motivate and stimulate our children.  Today we would like to recognize Margie Campbell as Oakton Elementary’s Teacher of the Year for her extraordinary commitment to both Oakton’s students and her support of her fellow teachers.”









Field Day!  The wind didn’t stop our students from enjoying fun activities and class camaraderie.  Thank you to Mrs. Gottschalk and Mr. Kegerreis for their planning and preparation.  And, thank you to our amazing 6th graders who designed and led many of the events. 


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