Parade of Pertinent People

Michelle Kwan

Who do our 6th graders think are “pertinent people?”  Just ask a student in Ms. Donohue’s 6th grade class!  Students selected the person of their choice to research.  The children then designed and created a parade float to describe their person and his/her accomplishments.  As their float was featured in the “parade,” students read the script they had written to explain the contributions and accomplishments of their famous pertinent person. 

The only specifications for each float was that it had to be able to move, it could not be bigger than the top of their desk, and it had to include items that described their person of choice.  Our fabulous 6th graders were extremely proud to show off their work and creativity, and I, as their principal, was beaming with pride to witness their excitement in learning! – cg

R.L. Stine

Louis Armstrong


Harry Houdini

Sitting Bull

Nelson Mandela

Henry Ford

Magic Johnson

Derek Jeter


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