Thunder is our friend…

NBC 4’s meteorologist, Tom Kierein, visited with Oakton’s 2nd graders on Thursday.  He talked about his profession and what first interested him in becoming a meteorologist – SNOW!  He impressed upon the children that thunder warns us about an incoming storm – thus, “thunder is our friend” since it notifies us to take cover.  Our inquisitive students had lots of questions for him – “Where is the worst weather?”  “Can we have a tornado and a hurricane at the same time?”  and “What do you do when you are on T.V. and you have to use the bathroom?!”  All very important questions 🙂  OES student’s impressed Mr. Kierein with their knowledge of weather patterns, forecasting, and television.  In fact, he promised  to give our students a shout out on Tuesday morning’s broadcast (2/25 at 5:51AM & 11:15AM).  Make sure to tune in!








100th Day of School!


Our kindergarten and first grade students celebrated the 100th day of school on Friday.  They practiced all the ways they could count to 100, sing to 100, group 100 items, glue 100 items…you get the idea!  -cg


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