Super Teacher

Oakton Elementary is filled with super teachers and this week we had the opportunity to celebrate one of them!  Parents and students nominated Ms. Eileen Donohue (6th grade teacher) for the Virginia Lottery Super Teacher Award.   Current 6th grade students, as well as former students of Ms. Donohue shared their views on what makes her such a fantastic teacher.  They talked about her exciting way of teaching history through song and dance, her focus on multiple solutions to math problems, and the fun that she brings to the classroom.  Parents thanked Ms. Donohue for her special way of pushing students to excel and her high expectations.  They shared their amazement of what their child had learned and accomplished by the end of the school year – it was often more than they could have ever imagined! 

The Oakton staff joins the parents and children in praising Ms. Donohue for all she does for our students.  We are confident that they will leave us in June ready to soar into middle school with pride and great promise. 

Ms. Donohue, thank you for your dedication to our students!  We love your special way of connecting with children, the relationships you build, your ability to push students to excel, and the love of learning that you instill. 


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