This is such a bittersweet time for us.  As excited as we are for summer to arrive and to have time to relax and go at a slower pace, it is difficult to say goodbye to our students.  It is especially hard to bid farewell to our wonderful 6th graders.  We will miss them so much! 

The last few days of school were busy ones.  We celebrated our year of learning and growing with recognition ceremonies, plays, and end of the year parties.  We held our annual Staff vs. 6th Grade volleyball and basketball games.  The 6th graders definitely gave us a workout and impressed us with their teamwork.  However, thanks to our teachers who stand over 6 feet tall, the staff prevailed!  PAWS, our friendly panther mascot, hugged and high-fived our students as they prepared to board the buses for the last time this year. 

Although the classrooms and the hallways won’t have the buzz of students, it certainly won’t be silent at Oakton this summer.  The renovation crew has started on its hefty summer to-do list and has been busy already!  Due to the immense scope of renovation projects occurring this summer, the school and office are closed.  Mrs. Holsclaw and I will be working; however, our location will be determined on a daily basis.  Please call or email us to schedule an appointment. 

On behalf of the entire OES staff, thank you for a wonderful school year!  We look forward to seeing everyone in September! -cg

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