Special Guest Visits Kindergarten

Dr. Zuluaga, our Cluster Assistant Superintendent, visited Mrs. Rastelli’s and Mrs. Parikh’s kindergarten class this week.  He read Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden by Edith Pattou.  This is a beautiful story about Mrs. Spitzer and the little seeds that she plants each year.  She nurtures the seeds and tends to their individual needs throughout the year.  They blossom and continue to grow well after her job with them is done.  The students understood the metaphor and knew that they were the seeds that Mrs. Rastelli and Mrs. Parikh water and feed everyday!  They enjoyed answering Dr. Zuluaga’s questions and sharing information about themselves.  We hope he visits again soon!

50 State Avenues by Bike!  Oakton has amazing teachers – not only are they creative and fun in school, but they also do innovative and interesting things outside of school!  One such teacher is Mr. Steve Goehrke.  Mr. Goehrke teaches 3rd grade and lives in the District of Columbia.  This summer he decided to combine two of his passions – biking and technology.  He set a goal of riding on all 50 state avenues and captured it in a video.  Check out a recent article on this endeavor:  http://www.tbd.com/blogs/tbd-on-foot/2011/09/a-schoolteacher-rides-all-50-of-d-c-s-state-avenues-video–12896.html

 Mr. Goehrke plans to share the video with his class to teach them about goal setting. -cg


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