Art & Theatre

On Thursday night, some of our resident artists were featured in the Oakton Pyramid Art Show at Oakton High School.  Congratulations to Addy Bolt, Simone Thomas, Wolfi Gottschalk, Max Beatty, Kate Goldfarb, Jaden Kritsky, Adam Roth, A.J. Nye, Ava Liberace, Eray Tulun, Ashley Kim, Carolyn Best, Grace Curl, Arthur Liao, Kahfi Hidayat, Jada Williams, Bailey Moskowitz, Bella Bulhoes, Cameron Pistilli, and Alanis Coelho Comiotto.  Artwork from 6 elementary schools, Rachel Carson Middle School, and Oakton High School was displayed through the halls.  Students, families, teachers, and proud principals (like me!) were impressed by the artistic talent in the Oakton Pyramid.  Thank you to our amazing art teachers, Sarah Brooks and Julie Brodzik, for their work with our students. 








For the last few weeks, our kindergarten classes have been putting on their class plays.  It is wonderful to see the creative spirit that performing brings out in children.  Thank you to our kindergarten teachers for making learning so fun at Oakton!

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