Fly Off!

Fly Off 003Ms. Robinson, 4th grade teacher, challenged her students to design the “Farthest Flying and Longest Lasting Paper Airplane!” Students learned all about how airplanes are able to take off and fly (weight, drag, lift, thrust).  A parent talked with the class about his flight on the Concorde and what made that plane able to fly so quickly.  After introducing the concept of aerodynamics, Ms. Robinson asked students to build two airplanes.  One paper airplane was designed to fly as far as possible, and the other was designed to stay in the air as long as possible.  Students “distance” paper airplane was measured for distance in feet and inches.  For the “hang-time” category, times were recorded in seconds and hundredths of a second.  Next week, students are going to analyze the data collected from the fly-off, make graphs and figure out the range, maximum, minimum, etc. of the data.



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